Costume Designer


About Mandi Line

Mandi Line is one of the most influential, inspirational and sought after costume designers today with a wide variety of credits in features and TV shows to commercials and music videos.  Her work on the top rated ABC TV show PRETTY LITTLE LIARS for the past 6 seasons has made her a force in fashion with today’s millennial generation.  On top of designing “PLL” she also tackled FAKING IT for MTV, SHAMELESS on SHOWTIME, the pilot UNREAL for LIFETIME, A Macy's Nationwide tour, and for the last two years designing BOTH new hit shows TRAVELERS for NETFLIX and THE ARRANGEMENT on THE E! network and thats just her TV work!

Growing up on a tight budget, Mandi Line promised herself she’d never wear the same thing twice. During her senior year, her imaginative flair and skill with scissors and a needle made that a reality.  Soon, her future in fashion was all sewn up.

After graduating from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), Mandi first gained experience as an intern, quickly moving into music videos and celebrity styling, working with Maria Bello, Jared Leto, Lucy Hale, Kirstun Dunst, Mandy Moore, rock groups Linkin Park and System of a Down, Korn, and so many more.  Her work on features such as ON THE DOLL and THE CLIQUE helped develop her individual style and hands-on approach to role and character.

Her dream of working on TV came true when she became Head Costume Designer on ABC’s breakout hit GREEK.  She took the same role on the network’s hit teen TV show PRETTY LITTLE LIARS where her work has won award nominations for “Best Dressed Cast”, “Best Styled Video” and “Most Googled Character” for fashion on television.  Huffington Post has also called PRETTY LITTLE LIARS  the “Best-Dressed Show” on TV in the last year and INSTYLE readers just voted the show one of the best dressed on TV.