Mandi Line +

Costume Designer + Stylist

Mandi Line is one of the most sought after Costume Designers around. 

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Growing up on a tight budget, Mandi Line promised herself she’d never wear the same thing twice. During her senior year, her imaginative flair and skill with scissors and a needle made that a reality. Soon, her future in fashion was all sewn up.

After graduating from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), Mandi first gained experience as an intern, quickly moving into music videos and celebrity styling, working with Hugh Grant, Jared Leto, Lucy Hale, rock groups Linkin Park and System of a Down, and many more. Her work on features such as On the Doll and The Clique helped develop her individual style and hands-on approach to role and character.

Her dream of working on TV came true when she became Head Costume Designer on ABC’s breakout hit Greek. She took the same role on the network’s hit teen TV show Pretty Little Liars where her work has won award nominations for Best Dressed Cast, Best Styled Video and Most Googled Character For Fashion On TV.

Guest columns on Celebrity Style Guide and GetThis reflect Mandi’s growing reputation as a cutting‐edge designer. She was the first costume designer to speak at Teen Vogue University in New York, and her extraordinary work was featured in 2007 and 2012 in the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’s Annual Outstanding Art Of TelevisionCostume Design Exhibition. In 2007, she was a special guest host on Australia's Top Model; last year, she hosted a nationwide tour for Macy's in‐store runway shows and will be returning to host their 2013 spring prom events.

Mandi recently finished work on forthcoming sci-fi feature film The Congress starring Robin Wright, Paul Giamatti and Harvey Keitel and is now working on comedy romance 10 Things I Hate About Life starring Evan Rachel Wood. Her passion for her work, her inspired styling choices and her ability to contribute creatively to character development through costume make her one of the industry’s most eclectic and exciting talents.